Oekaki house pre-order for wholesale

Good news! Oekaki house is coming again! A big batch is being manufactured as we speak and we hope that they will be ready to be shipped by the end of April. Depending on how well this pre-sale goes we will decide to have the shipment come by air. If there are only a limited number of orders then we will decide to ship by sea. If by air, we will be able to ship to our customers by the end of May, if by sea, by the end of June. Either way this should be long before the busy period starts.

Any of our wholesalers interested in stocking up on the Oekaki house, please pre-order and pay now. If you order 12 or more we will give you an extra 5% discount on your total (!) order. Your order will only be shipped though when all ordered products have been stocked.

Note: the discount will be calculated after having received your order and a new invoice will be sent to you.

We look forward to seeing your pre-orders come in!